Just Sing

Vocal star coaching

By Helene Hørlyck

Meet Helene

If you’re looking for someone remarkable on the topic of singing, voice and performance you just found her.

Helene has a signature vocal expertise sass – her warmth and down to earth humor combined with a straight up no nonsense practicality gives Helene her signature results. Recommended by many in the industry Helene never fails to deliver. Her methods are deeply relatable, fast and fun and has changed the voices of many superstars across the globe.

Siniging and speaking is physical, but also psychological and Helene has the unique ability to solidify the artist with her full 360 insight into the voice but also the mind.​

It all goes together – like bacon and eggs, diamonds and pearls, hammer and nails,…..tone, range, control, power, diction, flexibility, interpretation, tuning, inner mental blocks and so forth need to work together to enhance and empower the voice and performance.​

Her sustainable top end improvements make her a true one of a kind coach.

What if I told you I believe we can SING our way to:

Your voice

Improve all areas of the voice and become the singer you want to be.

Your success

No more fatigue, nodules
and cancelled tours.

Your mind

Master your mindset and breakthrough mental blocks, stage fright and nerves.

© 2021 by Helene Hørlyck

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